Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Statue of Liberty

So it has been an interesting week of patients... and as things were happening this week I decided I needed to blog about them. Because they were certainly funny at the time.

First patient. This actually happened a couple weeks ago but I came across a pic on pinterest that reminded me of it.
A patient actually asked " Why don't you guys use cocaine anymore?" 
He wasn't joking.

My next patient. A little boy who when asked who he thought cleaned the statue of liberty's teeth replied "I bet Abraham Lincoln." I said well then it's been a long time since she's had them cleaned.
He replied "well they are green." 
touche. indeed they are. 

Today I had a patient who spit water all over me, which was impressive because he managed to get the stream of water straight onto my pants and miss himself entirely. Luckily he was a friend of mine and we had a long laugh about it. 

Yesterday was a not so fun patient experience. I broke a scaler on a patient's extremely tough calculus [tartar for those non dental people :)] I was so scared that he swallowed it so after much searching I finally found it in the suction trap. It was scary. 
Anyways I named his tooth "Scaler Breaker." which I say in my head like Troy from Swamp People says "Tree Breaker" Which makes it hilarious to me.  "Chute em Liz!" 

Ahhh my job, I just get to interact with the most interesting people. It's pretty great. 

Life is good.  Some good words of wisdom I found on Pinterest.

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