Friday, January 20, 2012

Week end.

So I have been pinteresting a lot lately. I found some awesome recipes, I've never been much a cook because in my opinion cooking for one is far too much work. Also I don't love leftovers. So I've been a sandwich, ramen, frozen meal, and takeout kind of girl. But finding so many awesome recipes on pinterest has given me a push to try them.

This week I made chicken gyros.  This recipe worked out great because I made the Tzakiti sauce and marinated the chicken the day before. On Tuesday, I just had to cook the chicken, cut up my tomato and onion and then heat up the pitas. It was delicious! Susie and Chris came over to join us for dinner. So no leftovers :)
Then last night me and the roommate made some mexican chicken casserole, and it was pretty good. It was cheesy and awesome. 

 I didn't make these cookies this week, I made them a few months back and brought them to work for all my coworkers. I liked them, but was not a huge fan of the cream cheese filling, which was surprising because I love cream cheese. Next time I think I will leave it out and that will make the recipe a little easier.
Thus far pinterest has yet to let me down. And I would like to make an effort to make dinner at least two nights a week. It's difficult when I don't get off till 6pm and then by the time I work out and get home, i'm hungry and I don't want to spend an hour or two prepping and cooking. So I'm all for easy recipes!

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  1. I'm not a big fan of cooking either. And I have someone to share the food with. So it is not so much the leftovers as it is the effort it takes to prepare the food. I'm just so lazy and I'd much rather someone else do it for me! I wish I had the love for cooking that some people have... but alas I don't. :(