Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Boom. I had an awesome time in Dallas town this past weekend with a few of my best friends. After a boring 5 hour drive thursday night, I arrived at the residence of Hoxie and Boaty. Greeted with enthusiasm from the aforementioned two as well as miss rachel, we spoke for hours about life and just chatted it up.

On friday, hoxie had to work. womp womp. But rachel, boaty and I decided to go to the fair, We caught the DART which was my first experience with that type of public transportation. It was extremely convenient and I kind of wish I lived in a big city so I could use it. The fair was fun, I am typically not a huge fan of fairs and the crowds they bring. But since miss rachel really wanted to go I was down. 

If I could sum up our fair experience in a few choice words they would be. 
Fried food.
Amazing Dobermans. 
Random vendors. 

Okay so food we tried:
Fried Bubblegum- okay so not technically bubblegum, it was a bubblegum flavored marshmallow dipped in batter and fried. It was weird. And I would not recommend it, but the kid in me really wanted to try it :)
Fried PB&J with banana- Um. delicious. So stinking good, this was a hit with all of us. 
and then we had to have a turkey leg, fried pickles, and onion blossom. Basically we ate a lot of food at the fair. 

Friday night we went back to the apartment and rested from our fried food coma. Then we started to get ready. and then we started drinking. 
We met up with Colleen and headed out to the West End where all the OU/TX fans go. So many people you couldn't stir them with a stick. We ran into Mallori, Katy, Hannah and some other fun alpha gams. We had to catch the DART back to the apartment so we had to leave earlier then we would have liked. But then we went to The Quarter Bar and finished up the night. We met some interesting fellas. 
Saturday: Game day. 
We got up and headed down to a local pub with a large population of OU fans, haha. It was a pretty awesome patio setup, so we had ourselves some mimosas :)
Boom. OU won. Hell yeah we did. Much better game then 3 years ago when I was in Dallas. We also went out on Saturday night after the game, we went to a cool place called The Gingerman and had dinner and some beers. I had a delicious beer called Kriek that was um pricey but worth it. 

Sunday: home. Loved my fantastic weekend. Life is good. 

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